Mission Statement

Our mission statement starts with one simple question:  How can we serve you?

If you are a homeowner, we will guide you through the process to make your home uniquely yours by translating your “wish list” into reality through creative, personalized design & quality “old school” craftsmanship.

If you are a builder, we are here to make the process easy for you.

Simplicity and Balance: At Stone Mountain Cabinetry, we strive to simplify the work flow of a project because we understand at some point all projects are budget driven and that cheaper is not always better.  You need value for your customer.  We have a balanced approach towards providing your customers with high quality design and keeping the project within budget. We always build the same quality of cabinets at every price point and always provide the same level of customer service for every job.  Stone Mountain Cabinetry is a company that will be here for you in the future and will always do what is required to achieve a successful project.

Stone Mountain Cabinetry is more than sum of our parts.  We are a group of highly skilled designers, cabinet makers, finishers and carpenters, who operate with high degree professionalism.   We have formed a unique company, combing our talents and passions to produce a superior product by collaborating throughout every phase of a project…  This translates into thoughtful designs that are tailored to your needs, budget and time line.

What sets us apart from any other cabinet company is our commitment to over service our customers.  We understand constraints can change on a project; the challenge is how to respond in a creative way.  At Stone Mountain Cabinetry, we operate on three simple words:  Creative, Custom, Complete.

Creative:  Our solutions to your needs go beyond lines on a page.  Any cabinet company can build boxes based on an architect’s floor plan.  At Stone Mountain Cabinetry, we design to create a logical work flow experience and provide a strong aesthetic scheme.

Custom:  By “custom”, we do not mean different sized cabinets.  It is the process of listening to your needs and providing solutions based on your criteria that is the custom experience.  As we go through the process with you, we keep four aspects in mind:  Form, Function, Fashion and Finance.  We do sell factory cabinets.

Complete:  We will always go beyond just providing cabinets.  Our approach of over servicing our customers is reflected in how well our solutions relate to your entire project.   At Stone Mountain Cabinetry, we will build same-high quality, solution driven-cabinetry at every price point.  We accomplish this by focusing on 4 aspects of crafting cabinets:  wood species, style, finishes and design.  This is why we can say, “We can provide you with great design at every price point.”

We provide cabinetry for the kitchen, bathroom, laundry room, home office, custom built-ins, mantles, closet systems, specialized mill work, custom finishing of trim and doors and refacing of existing cabinets.   We also provide counter tops, interior and exterior doors.

We proudly service Western North Carolina, including Brevard, Hendersonville and Asheville.  No job is too small, regardless of the size of a project, we will design, build, install and follow-up on every job.  We understand that ultimately we are building relationships.

At Stone Mountain Cabinetry, we value your business.  We demonstrate this to our customers by fulfilling our pledge to “over service” every job throughout every phase of a job.  This means we will deliver exceptional design, a quality product and timely installation.  Stone Mountain Cabinetry is a company that will be here for you in the future and will always do what is required to achieve a successful project.